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The unrestricted free-to-use variation of Virtual Outlooks supplies the effective function of a Web Off/ On switch. Virtual Outlooks reveals you every gadget in your house that is sharing your web connection and permits you to buy hand turnsinternet to gain access to on and off for each separately, merely by visiting your tailored and safe and secure Our Business Control board and clicking a button.

For as low as $4.99 USD each month, the pay-for-use variation of Virtual Outlooks offers the Web Off/ On Change of the complimentary variation plus the extra function of a web timer. Use Virtual Outlooks timer service to set the times of the week you do not desire your kids utilizing the web (like research time, household time, or bed time). Virtual Outlooks will immediately turn the internet gain access to on and off for the gadgets and times you have defined, without you needing to continuously visit your control board to by hand limit gain access to.

To use this service Virtual Outlooks must comprehend the command set of the router you have in your house. Virtual Outlooks supports a wide variety these day’s most popular routers from leading router makers. View our partial list of routers that the Our Business service presently supports, arranged by design number within producer.